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Flapper Dresses – How to Style Them Properly

Some types of fashion have still made their way from the 1950s till 2016. Let us not wonder on how in the world that happened but instead think about how you can wear these types of fashion items. One of the best fashion styles that have impressed us all the way from 1059s is the flapper dress. Not only do they make perfect Halloween costumes but they are also great tea party outfits. Flapper dresses are a work of art and if you want to wear them next time you are invited to a party, here is how you can style them up:


This accessory is a must whenever you slip into a flapper dress. They can vary according to your dress but with every dress you have a million options. The trick is to follow your heart and pick the one that you love the most.

Elbow Gloves

You must remember that back in the 1900s, women always wore gloves whenever they were in the presence of guests and sometimes even all the time. The only time the gloves were off was when the lady is in bed. So pick a color and material that matches with your dress and slip them on. Make sure they reach a little higher than your elbows.


Do not accessorize too much if you really want to give off the effect of a 1900s movie star. Simply go for a necklace. That was the choice of all the ladies who wore flapper dresses. But that varies as well, if you are going to a fun party and wearing a short, carefree dress go for the longer necklaces that reach the stomach. That will heighten the merry aura of your outfit.

But for the classier dresses that you wish to leave an impression a pearl or diamond necklace that rests around your neck is perfect.