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Winter Coats for Women – Which Color to Choose?

Color comes across as a very important factor when it comes to fashion and picking out outfits. Making sure you find a couple of matching colors to incorporate in your outfit may be a bit difficult at first but once you understand how colors work, it will be easy. In fact it will be fun for you to merge the different colors of your wardrobe together to achieve a certain look. But, outfits do not only rely on colors but other factors as well such as the weather. Sunny days call for bright or light colors like teal, blue, green, yellow. While rainy days need a different approach that include darker hues. Because, we are currently in winter let’s take a look at all the colors you can go for when picking out winter coats for women.

Khaki and Army Greens

Most girls like to slip into leggings or skinny jeans when heading out on cold winter days. If your choice happens to be black or navy blue then a khaki or army green winter coat will match beautifully. That is if you want an outfit with muted hues.


Black matches everything and even if you are wearing a black pair of pants, a black shirt with black shoes, you can’t go wrong with black winter coats for women. They look good on their own as well as when matched with other colors like red, blue, brown, cream and grey.

Navy Blue

This shade resembles black a lot for it can also merge with other colors and look fantastic. Not just dark shades but even popping ones like orange, pink, yellow and red. Partner your navy blue winter coats for women with any shade you like and the result will be mesmerizing.

Browns and Whites

These look great when matched together, find yourself a brown coat and wear it above a white dress. Nothing fits better!