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Floral Sneakers – Skirts or Jeans?

It is a personal turmoil for every girl to make the choice between skirts or jeans? The both are amazing and unfortunately both of them look great with floral sneakers. How to make your pick? Easy!


Is it cool or hot in your area? You should know that wearing jeans is for a mildly colder weather. But seeing as it is winter in half the world, the other half must be enjoying the summery weather and vibes. And it is known that exposing skin is for summer. So, we come to the conclusion! Skirts are of summer and jeans are for fall/winter.

But there is an exception. If you really want to wear a skirt in winter, that can be arranged. Simply slip on a pair of tights under your skirt.


Depending on the choice of your top and what you will wear above your jeans/skirt, you can make the choice of which will you wear. To help you decide better, use your bed as a platform. Place your top and jeans at first above each other and take a picture with your phone. Then do the same to your skirt (place it under your top and take a picture). Afterwards you can compare the two and see which one do you like most. Or get help from a friend/family member.


Another big question is where are you headed? At some places, jeans are termed as unsuitable and skirts are. And sometimes it is vice versa. So after you know where you are headed make up your mind on wearing jeans or skirts. For example, going out to eat with friends or shopping needs you to slip on some jeans and that is it.

Now that you have made your pick make sure to snap a picture for your Instagram.