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Gold Maxi Dress – The Perfect Party Look

Every girl can vouch for the color gold to be the perfect shade for parties and big events. There is a certain sheen to the color that immediately makes you glamor’s best friend. Party looks are famous to be all the wow and bling blang! And with a gold maxi dress you can’t possibly go the wrong way. There also happens to be a huge variety and endless options of gold maxi dresses in the markets. You have ones with glitter/sequins/belted waists/thigh slits and many more designs you can’t say no to. After you have gotten your hands on a maxi dress of your choice, read all about how you can style it:


Girls with hair longer than their shoulders are going to want to go for updos as your hair may cloud the beauty of your dress. Braids, buns and high ponytails are some great choices. Depending on the event you are headed to choose a fitting hairstyle. High ponytails are for glam parties, braids for laid back events and buns for the formal dinners.


This too depends on where you are headed. Parties call for the boldest makeup. Glitter eye makeup with winged eyeliners and glossy lips are your example look. Nude lips and light eyeshadow is the look you want for semi formal events. With formal occasions natural pink lipstick and light blush are your go to.


Because your gold maxi dress will be sweeping the floor, your choice of footwear will not be very much visible but most women like to go for heels. Lower heels are chosen for low-key events and the higher ones for the glam parties like masquerades. But sandals are always in your list of choices.


You need to bring all the attention towards your drop dead gorgeous so do not divert attention to your choice of jewelry. A simple chain bracelet or dangly earrings can be worn (on their own) but nothing over the top.