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Womens Pants Vs. Skirts for Winter

Everyone is aware that in winter it is time to snuggle up in warm clothes and get as cosy as you possibly can. But there is one very controversial question that has received mixed replies from the female audiences of the world. Are women’s pants more suitable than skirts in the cold days of winter?

Of course it is obvious that when the weather drops you should keep every part of your body covered in warm fabric. And skirts cannot provide such warmth and coverage as they barely cover your legs. Even if you do opt for an ankle length skirt because of its style and width there is a healthy and cold ventilations going about on your legs.

Women’s pants on the other hand are fully covering and provide you with all the warmth that you need. They also come in various widths meaning you can either opt for wide women’s pants as well as fitting ones. And of course every lady will automatically choose women’s pants as her favorite go-to choice.

But, what you have no idea about; is that skirts are versatile. You are not limited to wearing them alone. Instead you can wear a pair of warm woolen leggings beneath your favorite skirt to add to your comfort and warmth. And surpsingly so, skirts look classier, more stylish and prettier than pants. They can be worn on formal and informal occasions as well parties and fun events.

There is no limit to when and where you can wear skirts but still the controversial question remains unanswered. But truthfully the answer is not a solid one. Women’s pants and skirts are both viable options that can be worn at different occasions and entirely relying on the current mood and choice of the wearer. What do you think is the better option?