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Amazing Spider Plant Wall Decor Ideas

These 18 spider plant wall decor ideas are simple, fun and perfect for giving your walls a vibrant look!

1. Spider Plant Display with String Lights

Spider Plant Wall Decor 1

Got a dull wall? Make it interesting by adding a floating shelf to it and placing a lush and full spider plant and to accentuate the beauty; you can also wrap a string light.

2. Spider Plant Wall Decor

Turn your room into a lush jungle with a wall full of spider plant pots.

3. Play with Height

Spider Plant Wall Decor 3

Create a vertical interest if you have a wall like that. It looks cool!

4. Hang Them on a Metal Wall Trellis

Spider plants can spruce up any space with their fine spilling foliage. Take inspiration from this idea and pair them up with ferns, string succulents, or even a peacock plant.

5. Contemporary Metal Wall Planters

Spider Plant Wall Decor 5

This metallic planter duo presents spider plants in a modern, clean-lined fashion, perfect for a chic and contemporary interior. You can also do this with galvanized rain gutters.

6. Spider Plants on Kitchen Shelves

Place the spider plant in your kitchen for a healthier vibe – it’s like a green superhero thriving.

7. Go with Macramé Hangers

Spider Plant Wall Decor 7

Stylize your boring walls with macramé plant hangers. Spider plants are perfect to grow in them.

8. Repurposed Wooden Basket for Spider Plants

Housing a spider plant in a basket like that adds a rustic look to your space.

9. Chic Outdoor Wall Decor Spider Plant Wall Decor 9

You can make the most of it with a wall-mounted planter and a lovely spider plant in it.

10. Spider Plant Waterfall

A tall plant stand to display a spider plant can also work wonders and make your ordinary wall come alive.

11. Spider Plant Chandelier Wall Decor

Spider Plant Wall Decor 11

Who knew you could make a chandelier out of your spider plant? Naturally, it looks like a chandelier when growing spiderettes and kept atop something like this image 😃.

12. Spider Plant Wall Decor with Old Paint Boxes

What a nice way to DIY a spider plant wall using old paint mugs, pails, and plastic bottles.

13. Hanging Bath Botanicals

Spider Plant Wall Decor 13

Turn your bathroom into a calm retreat by hanging spider plants. You can do it using a rope, macrame, command hooks, or even the shower curtain rod!

14. Spider Plant Display with Pots

This wall-mounted decor of spider plants, each in its unique textured pot, creates a visually stunning green gallery. You can plant them individually or pair them up with companions.

15. Box Planters on the Wall

Spider Plant Wall Decor Ideas 15

You can easily DIY these wall planters if you know basic woodworking.

16. Metal Hangers with Moss

Spider Plant Wall Decor Ideas 16

You don’t need heavy pots or ropes for a lush spider plant wall decor. Just secure a metal frame, line it up with sphagnum moss or cocopeat, and add your plants.

17. Hang Spider Plants on Metal Rods

Spider Plant Wall Decor Ideas 17

If you’re going to hang multiple pots for a flowing display of spider plants, you can go with metal bars and use them to hang pots.

18. Shower Spider Plant

Spider Plant Wall Decor Ideas 18

Hang a spider plant by means of a macrame plant in your shower area.

Which one of these spider plant wall decor ideas did you like most? Share your precious comments!