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Spring Porch Décor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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Welcome warmer weather into your home with adorable spring porch decor. Spring porches are designed to celebrate the joyful arrival of flowers and blossoms. So lots of potted flowers, plants, and topiaries are a staple of spring porch decor. Door wreaths, welcome signs and mats, and lanterns are other popular spring decor items. A touch of color can be added with brightly colored flowers or outdoor cushions in upbeat hues.

Since Easter is a major holiday that falls in the spring season, many homeowners will also decorate their spring porches for Easter. Easter bunnies, throw pillows or signs go wonderfully with other spring decorations. Whether you keep the look simple or go all out, spring porch decor is all about a collection of items that will make you smile and get you excited for the new season.