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Trench Coat for Men Outfit Ideas

Winter is not yet gone and trench coats are still trending. It is a sexy addition to your outfit that adds glamor and style to your look within seconds. There are many ways you can wear a trench coat for men and you will be briefed on a couple of styles below. These looks are easy to achieve and can be put together with a few items from your wardrobe. Without further ado, take a read:

Two Tone Trench Coat for Men with Slim Fit Jeans

Two-toned coats are a super fun way of adding style and charisma to your outfit. Some coats have an ombre effect which you do not want. Find one that has different color sleeves and strap it over your slim fit jeans. Add a woolen scarf.

Short Trench Coat with Your Dapper Suit

Skip the knee-length trench coats and find one that skims around your thighs. It looks better when worn with a suit because the longer ones steal the charm of the suit all in all.

Casual Wear with Simple Trench Coat

If you want to head out for a simple errand, or drop by a relative’s/friend’s house then going for a trench coat is a good idea. Pair your trench coat with a pair of jeans and a laid back V neck shirt. Classic sneakers are the best shoes you can wear with this look.

Layered Look with Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are now available in every man’s wardrobe, for good reason. Get yourself a pair of knee ripped skinny jeans, pair with an oxford shirt, tie and a textured woolen sweater. A khaki colored trench coat is quite fitting for the occasion. Go for loafers.

Hipster Street Outfit with Knee Length Trench Coat for Men

For this look you need to be as careless as possible. Firstly, you need a full sleeve formal shirt. Leave the 2 first buttons unbuttoned. A pair of dress pants tucked in to your boots will match perfectly with the shirt. DO NOT tuck the shirt in and throw on a long, full sleeved trench coat. This Black Military Belted Trench Coat and London Fog Polycotton one seem to be most fitting.