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Growing and caring for oxalis

Oxalis tetraphylla ‘Iron Cross’ offers leaves divided into four leaflets. Each center is decorated with a purple blotch that looks great against the pink flowers. It grows 10 inches tall and wide. Zones 8-9, though it also thrives as a houseplant.

Molten Lava Oxalis

Molton Lava Oxalis vulcanicola produces stunning orange-chartreuse foliage and decorative golden-yellow flowers all spring and summer. It grows 10 inches tall and wide. Zones 9-11, or try it as a houseplant.

‘Purple’ Oxalis

Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis bears rich burgundy-purple foliage and pink-blushed white flowers. It grows 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Zones 7-10. It’s also a good variety to grow indoors.

Redwood sorrel Oxalis oregana

This Oxalis oregana cultivar is native to areas of the Pacific Northwest. It bears white or pink flowers in spring and summer over silver-splashed foliage. This groundcover grows 8 inches tall. Zones 7-9

Silver Shamrock
Oxalis adenophylla

Oxalis adenophylla is an easy-growing groundcover with silvery-blue foliage and pink flowers in late spring. It grows 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide in Zones 6-8.

Zinfandel Oxalis
Oxalis vulcanicola ‘Zinfandel’

The Zinfandel Oxalis vulcanicola variety bears rich purple foliage and golden-yellow flowers all summer. It grows 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Perennial in Zones 9-11, it grows as an annual or indoor plant in colder areas.