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Distressed wooden candle holder ideas

Candlesticks can be an essential part of interior design projects. They make for the perfect focal point or centerpiece and can really add that extra something to your decor.

Distressed wooden candle holders have become very popular and that is what we are going to focus on in this post. The used wood look goes so well with any country house style or any rustic furnishings.

Now you can achieve this look by doing a little extra work yourself and going the DIY route or by buying candle holders made naturally with that distressed wood look.

We picked a combination of these for this post that we think looks great. Hopefully these can inspire you and give you some ideas to work with for your next project.

Many of these candle holders are designed for use with pillar candles. You can use whatever pillars you have on hand, but flameless candles are a nice, safe option.