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Charming Minimalist Fish Pond Design

Some people build fish ponds with beautiful designs at home and place them in the house. Fish ponds do not necessarily have to be in the front or back yard. You can build it inside the house next to the dining room with an open roof. Or it could be placed next to the house next to the bedroom window so that you can directly greet your fish pets when you wake up in the morning.

In addition to houses, fish ponds are also represented in the category of minimalist ponds. So you don’t have to worry, even if you have a minimalist house, you can also keep fish in a minimalist pond. What are the minimalist fish pond designs?

Beautiful minimalist marble fish pond
Minimalist fish pond design with marble material, suitable for use in the back of the house where it can be enjoyed satisfactorily. With a see-through aquarium on the floor, this minimalist fish pond design combines marble for the pond body, which is then insulated with transparent glass for maximum visual appeal.

Minimalist indoor fish pond design
Accompanied by the gurgle of water falling from the side of the pond, a minimalist fish pond design is present in an open concept home. Finished off with a wooden floor on the side that serves specifically as a barrier, this minimalist fish pond design is quite simple. While surrounded by beautiful green houseplants, all you have to do is adjust the width.

A simple, minimalist fish pond design can still look luxurious. Many fish pond designs feature symmetrical plots framed by elegant wood. The landscape around the pool is embellished by a pretty interspersed natural stone. The appearance remains natural as the lotus stems and leaves make you feel calm and peaceful at home.