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Amazing Ideas to Display Your Indoor Plants

If you are simply looking for a change and want to breathe new life into your home, you will surely find the following plant displays inspiring. And if you simply don’t want or can’t add more plants to your home, you’ll still enjoy browsing some of the creative, beautiful, strange and wild ways people have incorporated plant life into their homes.

One of the best/easiest ways to add more plants to your home is to simply hang them from the ceiling or in front of a window. What I also love about this idea is the stunning variety of ways you can make this look your own. Look at where you hang your plants, what you hang and how you hang them. Check out some of the ways these home tour participants have hung plants in their home and see if it gives you any ideas.

When planning houseplant arrangements, keep plants with similar light needs together. These exotics, which we grow in the winter garden and bring into the house when they have reached their prime, have been placed to take advantage of mid-morning light next to a living room window.

Houseplant ideas can help reduce stress levels, replenish the air and give your home a beautiful look. Additionally, houseplants provide an opportunity to have fun and get creative.

Surrounding ourselves with indoor garden ideas and taking care of the plants can also help us get back in touch with nature. And as the Botanical Boys say, “Connecting with nature is more important than ever.” “In the fast-paced, fragile world we live in today, sometimes we just need to slow down and observe nature – it’s the only thing that has us keeps alive.”

“It is incredibly important that each and every one of us finds the time to connect with nature in some way and that this also has a positive impact on our own wellbeing,” they add.