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What to Pair With A Red Scarf

Scarves are a super professional item that you should have many of in your wardrobe. Simply placing them around your neck takes your outfit to another level of sophisticated and dashing. There are also many ways of wearing a scarf increasing the many looks you can pull off. Not just that but there are different textures and materials which is an added plus point. And if you have a red scarf at hand here are some ways of blending it in your outfit:

For Women

Effortless and Pretty

Got a pair of black tights (ripped is also a great choice)? Pair them with a baggy full sleeve shirt and cute small handbag. Add your red scarf.

Layers and Warm

Layering your clothes is a great hit in 2017. For this look you will need: denim tights, leather ankle boots, any type of shirt and a sweater. You can go innovative with the different textures, materials and lengths.

Fall Jacket Look

You will need skinny jeans, shirt, an army green jacket and brown leather boots. The colors are totally optional, you can go for a black jacket and boots.

Skirt & Tights Outfit

This one is a look Nicole Richie once wore with pride. You will be needing: leggings, thigh high skirt, sweater (should be tucked in), handbag and sunnies. Your shoes should be simple to not steal the attention from your look.

For Men

Smolder Dapper

You will need: slim fit jeans, white formal shirt, blazer and red scarf.

Street Look

Switch up the red scarf with a burgundy one and you will need: grey knitted sweater, t shirt, black skinny jeans. Not to mention the countless boho jewelry items.

Simple Single Layers

This look consists of: black formal pants/sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt. Your red scarf will be the complimentary item.

Denim and Blood

You basically need a denim shirt and navy color jeans for this outfit. Dark brown boots and your red scarf are the remaining items.