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Goth Boots Outfits for the Enthusiast

Gothic fashion is a part of our world and some girls who love to follow that culture are constantly always searching for new ways to style their wardrobe. The many goth outfits that they know of, have been worn for a lot of time and are starting to look boring. There are of course many ways to spice up the way you approach gothic fashion outfits and it sometimes depends on very minute things in the outfit. Goth boots, for example, are a great item to start with. Choosing them wisely can lead to you designing a super amazing and fresh outfit. Here are some goth boots outfits that you can take inspiration from.

Corset Dress Look

Go for an off shouldered black dress that shows your neck. The sleeves can be mesh or fully fabric, it doesn’t matter. On top of your dress wear a black corset and make sure it is tight. Your jewelry will consist of skull rings and a skeleton hand necklace. Choose 4 layer platform both boots and black pantyhose.

Basic Ripped Leggings Look

For this outfit you will need: black ripped leggings, a graphic tee with rips on the stomach and sleeves. Knee high goth boots are your best pairing options.

Soft Goth 

For a perfect soft goth look choose a black sleeveless layered ruffle top, black ripped leggings, black beanie and black goth boots. Gothic themed jewelry are a must!

Unique Gothic Leggings Look

The main item of this look would be the leggings and they should be vertically striped in black and white. Pair with an oversized black tank and lace up goth boots.

Leather Leggings Always Win

Black leather leggings, a tight black top, full sleeve crochet overall, black moon choker and a black floppy brimmed hat are all the things you need for this look.