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Ways to decorate with a Kokedama

Kokedama is a centuries-old form of Japanese gardening that has gained widespread popularity in the Western world due to its beauty.

Kokedama means “moss ball” in Japanese (Koke=moss; Dama=ball). It is also known as “Poor Man Bonsai” or “String Garden”.

As the word describes it, kokedama is a moss-covered globe in which ornamental plants grow. Learn more about how to build your very own kokedama step by step below.

I didn’t know anything about kokedama until I started researching for my blog “10 Plant Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home” two months ago. I was immediately intrigued and when I found out my local Plant Design Shop was hosting a Kokedama workshop, I signed up immediately!

Building a kokedama wasn’t easy for me; or at least not the first time. It requires patience and dedication. But the result is definitely worth it. I love my kokedama and have been experimenting with different settings throughout the house; whether I hang it up or present it on a tray. I find kokedama to be a beautiful, vibrant home decor item that will enhance any room it is placed in. If you follow me on social media you may have seen some of my takes on this.

There are many ways to display kokedama in your home, whether you’re building one or buying one; Here are a few ideas!