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This Is Where to Find an Adorable Bunny Succulent Plant

People have been planting succulents indoors for years. But the trend really took off during the pandemic when everyone wanted to add some greenery to their space. Over the last few months we’ve seen succulent-related trends: a raindrop succulent, a heart-shaped succulent planter, and this adorable Dirt Pudding Cups recipe with sugar succulents.

Now there’s an adorable plant that’s trending this spring: bunny succulents! That’s why it’s the cutest Easter decoration.

What is a Bunny Succulent?
Bunny ear succulents – also known as Monilaria obconica or Monilaria moniliformis – are known for their resemblance to a tiny bunny head with fluffy green “ears.”

As cute as they look in infancy, it’s important to know that ears don’t stay that way forever. Over time, the juicy ears become long and tall. They’ll look more like green beans growing out of a tiny head than bunny ears. But it’s definitely worth it. With a little care, these ears will eventually bloom into spectacular rose petals. Remember that bunny succulents are summer dormant, meaning they hibernate and don’t grow again until the winter months.

Speaking of growing: even green thumbs will love this flower bulb of the month.

Product specifications

Perfect little succulent for Easter
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Affordable price
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Why are bunny succulents trending?
The playful plant has attracted a lot of attention. Succulents are an easy way to add some plants to your home without much effort (like these other easy-to-grow houseplants). In fact, succulents like these are extremely low-maintenance plants that are easy to care for and look beautiful wherever they are displayed. With the right amount of care, they can last for years.

The best user reviews
People love their succulents, and the bunny succulent is a hit for its adorable shape and easy-care properties. Here’s what some Etsy reviewers say:

“They’re even more adorable in person!” writes five-star reviewer Kate Fiscus. “They were well packaged and arrived so healthy and ready to plant – it couldn’t have been better.”

Another five-star reviewer, Elizabeth, says: “Adorable – the perfect Easter gift!”

“These little guys are awesome!” boasts five-star reviewer Kathi Larew. “I didn’t have any succulent soil, so I threw them in with one of my cacti, and in just three days I think they about doubled in size!” I was a little worried about the cost of shipping such a small thing, but they arrived here in great condition and will obviously make me very happy!”

Where to buy bunny succulents

Find high-quality, ready-to-ship bunny succulents on Etsy. Succulents by Emma also offers excellent planting and growing instructions to ensure your little bunnies thrive. They brighten up every Easter table, right next to these Easter flowers.

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