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Cool Things You Can Do With Philodendrons in Home

There are actually quite a few here Cool things you can do with philodendrons at home to use their greenery to your advantage!

Philodendrons are incredibly versatile houseplants that offer a mix of aesthetics and practical use. Here are some innovative and engaging ways to integrate Philodendrons in the home Decor!

Cool things you can do with philodendrons at home

1. Use them as a room divider

Philodendrons in house 1

Combine heart-leaved philodendrons with other plants to create a natural room divider. Not only does this add a touch of green, but it also subtly defines different living spaces!

2. Create living vine walls

Teach your philodendron to climb along a wall to create a stunning vine effect. This vibrant wall art adds a dynamic and organic touch to any room.

3. Grow a Philodendron Tree Centerpiece

Philodendrons in house 3

You can create a stunning indoor tree that will be the focal point of any room by using a wide variety, such as a tree philodendron. You can also train the vines to climb a moss pole to achieve a similar effect.

4. Make a bathroom rainforest oasis

Philodendrons thrive in moist environments. Place it in your bathroom to transform it into a mini rainforest retreat, enhancing the feeling of relaxation.

5. Hanging basket displays

Philodendrons in house 5

Hang hanging philodendrons like “Micans” in hanging baskets to add vertical accents to any room and create a waterfall of greenery.

6. Place it on your desk

A philodendron with a large leaf on your desk can be a great stress reliever and air purifier, making your workplace more pleasant and health-friendly!

7. Display it on the stairs

Philodendrons in house 7

Decorate your stairs with Philodendron plants. Whether hung on steps or along railings, they add an elegant and inviting touch.

8. Add a large one to your bedroom

Keeping a philodendron in your bedroom can improve air quality and contribute to better sleep and a healthier environment.

9. Make stunning table decorations

Philodendrons in house 9

Use an exotic Philodendron variety such as “Spiritus Sancti” as a seasonal table centerpiece. Their bright green hue adds a natural element to any dining area.

10. Display them as artistic leaf cuttings

Frame individual philodendron leaves or create leaf-patterned artwork. This adds an artistic touch to your interior design.

11. Add them to the floating shelf

Arrange different types of Philodendron on floating shelves. This creates a multi-layered, green display that breathes life into any wall.

12. Hang them on a curtain rod next to a window frame

Philodendrons in house 12

Place philodendron plants near windows where their leaves gently frame the view, creating a picture-perfect natural setting.

13. Use them as a door arch accent

Philodendrons in house 13

Trail-climbing philodendrons (as opposed to mini-monsters in this picture) over door arches for an enchanting, garden-like entrance to various rooms.

14. Create a jungle room corner

Philodendrons in house 14

Transform a bare corner into a botanical sanctuary with a group of philodendrons that mix different sizes and leaf shapes to add visual interest.

15. Keep it on the bookshelf

Tuck small philodendrons on bookshelves between books. They provide a refreshing shade of green and bring a piece of nature into your reading area.

16. As an eye-catcher in the living room

Philodendrons in house 16

Philodendrons can form large leaves and are therefore just the right addition as an eye-catcher in any living room!

17. Philodendrons in the entrance area

A special shelf with philos and other colorful plants in the entryway is a great way to welcome your guests!

18. Philodendron on a ladder

Philodendrons in house 18

The hanging stems of the philodendron are perfect for dangling down a wooden ladder! The best part: you can store it anywhere in the room.

Each of these ideas showcases the natural beauty of philodendrons and will brighten up your living spaces in fresh, innovative ways. In addition to adding a touch of green, these plants also provide health benefits such as air purification and stress reduction, making them a fantastic addition to any home!