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Stephania suberosa Bulb – Rare Caudex Plant

Stephania suberosa is a caudex-forming vine with dull green leaves. While Stephania erecta has round leaves, the leaves of Stephania suberosa are slightly elongated and teardrop-shaped. A major distinguishing feature of S. suberosa from other Stephania species is the beautiful, cracked surface of the caudex.

This plant experiences vigorous growth in the hot summer months before fading back to the distinctive caudex in the cooler winter months. This plant’s vines look beautiful cascading from a bright shelf or strung around a trellis.

How do I grow?
• Plant the caudex in well-drained soil (at least 50% perlite and/or pumice) with the top half of the caudex exposed. We marked the top of our bulbs with a small sticker.
• During active growth, water when the soil is completely dry. Stephania is usually dormant from December to April. You should refrain from watering during the rest period.
• Stephania suberosa requires bright light, adequate humidity and warmth to grow a mature vine. Use a cloche jar or an unsealed plastic bag to create a moist microclimate that encourages growth.
• This plant is sensitive to excessive watering. Always err on the side of underwatering.