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1st Birthday Outfits for Girls – Make Her Shine

There is nothing more previous and adorable than your little girl. Many moms strive to keep their little girls as happy, content and healthy as they possibly can. That includes feeding her, bathing her, playing with her. But mostly it is seeing them happy that makes your day. And what is better than seeing her smile big and giggle at her 1st birthday party? Now before you think about the party and how full of color and surprises it will be, spare a thought for the birthday outfit.

There are many ideas of 1st birthday outfits for girls that you can contemplate. Of course you would love a few ideas and here they are:


The first image shows you a perfect example of this style and it is loved by many as it gives a perfect image of a princess. The silhouette alone is adorable. Ruffle dresses come in variations of many


A great suggestion for a 1st birthday outfits for girls, you can save yourself the hefty searching and simply get a skirt with either floral prints, polka dots…etc. The trick is to accessorize the outfit adequately and pair the skirt with a beautiful top. Princesses can wear skirts not just dresses.


Forget skirts and ruffles, if your baby girl is a bada** then forget about the skirts and ruffles. Find an awesome and colorful pair of leggings that will quite compliment your girl. Pair it with an absolutely adorable floral crown and you can even add glitter to his/her cheeks.


Nothing less than a beauty than all the other choices, you can find shorts in a countless amount of varieties. That means a bigger collection to choose from. Find a pair with sequins, glitter, floral patterns, ombre effect…anything works as long as it matched your party decorations.