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Rustic Farmhouse Style Tray Ideas

Nothing ties a farmhouse table together like a clearly defined centerpiece. Kitchen counters, end tables and empty corners can be livened up with the right combination of decor and a simple rustic tray can tie the arrangement together.

With recycled baskets or pallets, antique metal sinks and intricately crafted cake trays, you can implement these rustic tray ideas in your home. If you love looking for antique finds at your local flea market – great! This project is perfect for you and you’re sure to find some interesting pieces that work well as trays.

If you prefer something new or reused, head to your local craft store and pick up paint, glue, and any other tools you may need to give your tray that classic weathered farmhouse look.

Whether your country style is made up of new or old pieces, one thing is for sure, these country style tray ideas will keep your home tidy. No matter how you style the country style, with a simple tray and a little imagination you can create a beautiful decorative display. How can you make these rustic tray ideas your own?