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Hanging balcony plants and blooming flowers for a spectacular exterior

Flowers are of great importance in the design of the balcony. They serve not only as decoration, but are also able to protect the room from excessive exposure to the sun and summer heat, dust and noise of the big city. Hanging balcony plants that bloom beautifully, and the flowers are like rich splashes of color on the walls of buildings, making them more elegant and picturesque. How to turn a balcony into a flowering corner? Which species are suitable and how do you care for them? So that you can enjoy your outdoor area all summer long, we give you useful tips on growing and caring for balcony flowers.,

Before you start creating a flower garden on your balcony, there is some work that needs to be done. In the first place, you need to clear the balcony of clutter and see if it needs repairs. Are you wondering what the balcony should look like – do you prefer flowering species, green species or do you want a mix? Determine the location – not all plants are suitable for every site. In general, it is better to choose unpretentious annual or perennial plants. Ornamental beans, sweet peas, geraniums, petunias, magic bells are good choices for sunny balconies. Remember that your hanging plants need a lot of water in the summer, so it is recommended to water them twice a day. Think of self-watering planters or a suitable irrigation system.