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White Wedding Dress – Types of Necklines

All women are aware that wedding dresses are all about detail. Every minute aspect of the dress ranging from the stray thread around the color to the hemline which looks slightly askew at a 30 degree angle is utterly important. Wedding dresses are meant to be all about detail. And possibly one of the biggest aspects of a white wedding dress is its neckline. It is one of the main things that must be taken care of when purchasing and choosing a white wedding dress.


Heard of a lot and much seen on various brides, the v neck is a classic. Not fit for traditional weddings but elegant and classy ones, the plunging neckline type flaunts the collarbones and maybe a hint of cleavage. It is best for hourglass figures.


Bringing all the attention to the bride’s neck, the bust is not forgotten as the neckline is a bold one and leaves a statement. Creates the perfect silhouette and is very popular at bridal stores.


Broad shouldered women will find this choice most suitable as it creates quite the effect on the mentioned area. A very contemporary pick for petite women who are looking for a slim and tall silhouette! Nothing can go wrong with this super trendy and gorgeous neckline. Beach weddings are taken to the next level with this type of white wedding dress.

One Shouldered

Divinely concealing a bride’s bust but still giving off a highly ravishing silhouette. It is best to pick a sheath fitting for the dress as the drop of the dress draws all the attention to the gorgeous neckline. Pear shaped ladies or those with large busts can always pick this neckline as it does not draw too much attention to their bosom. Yet still comes off as sexy and seductive.


With a touch of vintage to your ceremony no one will be forgetting yours for a long time. Stretching from one shoulder to the other this neckline is the epitome of grace and perfect décolletage.