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How to Uniquely Wear Hawaiian Clothing On Your Vacation

Going on a vacation to Hawaii is a dream come true, right? If you have never been there you truly have no idea what you are missing out on and if you have visited the spot maybe once or twice, you get that homesick feeling as if you lived in Hawaii all your life. Either way, any time you hit the vacay spot you need to know all about how to dress. The state’s well-known tourist spots have their certain fashion norms with their floral dresses, flower necklaces, and hula skirts. Here’s how you can incorporate these Hawaiian clothing items in modern day outfits:

Hawaiian Clothing – Crop Tops

Chic Hawaiian crop tops can be found from any vast online fashion store, the possibility is you might not find them in Hawaiian stores. Opt for a halter neckline Hawaiin crop top with a floor length tulle skirt in a vibrant color.

Hawaiian Short Sleeve Shirt

These are the most famous shirts of Hawaii. Everyone within the state is seen sporting them and their vibrant designs. Opt for a floral one, and knot it at the base to show a peek of your tummy and complete the outfit with high-waisted denim shorts.

Hawaiian Polo Shirt 

Hawaiian clothing is always full of surprises and beautiful colors. Go for an orange polo with floral detail and finish off your look with frayed khaki mini shorts. Combat boots would suit if you are going to a festival or party but gladiator sandals go best with the calm environment of Hawaii.

Hula Skirt Look

A layered vacay look with Hawaiian clothing would consist of a green hula skirt with a blue and white pinstriped shirt formal shirt. Unbutton the top buttons of your shirt, knot the ends around your waist, roll up the sleeves and enjoy the glamor of this simple outfit.