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Tall Tree Like Houseplants Ideas

If you want to have a big focal point in your room, take a look at these pictures of houseplants with tall trees and choose your favorite plant!

Houseplants can be a fantastic way to add a new dimension to any room in the house. If you like your green friends with tall stature, you’ll love these pictures of tall, tree-like houseplants!

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants

1. 12 Feet Long Fiddle Leaf Fig

A towering Fiddle Leaf Fig that stretches up to 12 feet, making a grand statement in any room.

2. Giant Bird of Paradise

Here’s the Giant Bird of Paradise, a plant that grows tall and spreads wide, creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere.

3. Rex Begonia Vine, Dracaena Yellow Coast, and Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 3

Combine the trailing Rex Begonia Vine, the towering Dracaena Yellow Coast, and the majestic Fiddle Leaf Fig for a trio of greenery that stands out.

4. Elephant Ear Plant

The Elephant Ear Plant, with broad leaves reaching the ceiling, adds a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor space.

5. Majesty Palm

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 5

A regal presence with its lofty fronds, the Majesty Palm is another tropical tall tree like houseplant you can grow indoors.

6. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa has large leaves with unique patterns that add a trendy touch to your space as it grows tall.

7. Ming Aralia

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 7

Check out this striking Ming Aralia, a tall tree like plant that commands attention with its height and distinctive foliage.

8. Corn Plant

The Corn Plant is a beautiful addition to any home, standing tall and slender with its long drooping leaves.

9. Caryota

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 9

The Caryota has dense foliage with tall, slender stems and can be used to spruce up any corner of your home.

10. Long Leafed Fig

The Long Leafed Fig has elongated foliage that is bushier at the top, showcasing its sleek stem and creating a visually appealing atmosphere.

11. Norfolk Island Pine

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 11

Go with the Norfolk Island Pine, a tree-like tall houseplant with foliage that adds a Christmas touch to the indoors.

12. A Dwarf Umbrella Tree

The Dwarf Umbrella Tree is a petite version of its larger counterparts. The plant stands tall, illuminating any space indoors.

13. Arrowhead Plant

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants13

With beautiful arrow-shaped leaves of green adorned with white veins, the Arrowhead plant turns everyone’s heads in awe.

14. Dwarf Umbrella

A small one with a tall tree like presence, the dwarf Umbrella Tree defines compact, towering beauty.

15. Polka Dot Begonia

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 15

The Polka Dot Begonia, with its dotted leaves, adds playful and cheerful vibes to any indoor garden. It looks exceptionally good in weaving baskets.

16. A Stunning Devil’s Ivy

Take a look at this Stunning Devil’s Ivy, a plant that effortlessly climbs and adds soaring greenery to any space.

17. A Large Dumb Cane Plant

Pictures of Tall Tree Like Houseplants 17

With broad leaves as grand as this houseplant’s tree-like height, a Dumb Cane is a wonderful choice that can fill corners beautifully.

18. Massive Rubber Plant

With its robust size, the massive Rubber Plant becomes a focal point in any space, outdoors and indoors.

19. Tall Money Tree

With a tall presence and distinctive leaves, the tall Money Tree can turn any space of your home into a small jungle.

20. Areca Palm

Check out this Areca Palm, a leafy companion that not only grows tall but also helps freshen up the air in your home.

21. Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm, with its long, elegant leaves, turns any space into a green haven, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

22. Weeping Fig

If you’re looking for a tall tree like houseplant with cascading branches and twisted bark, this is the perfect choice.

23. Broadleaf Lady Palm

A beautiful variety that goes well with vintage and modern architecture, the Broadleaf Lady Palm is a wonderful plant.

24. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, a resilient green friend, grows tall and makes for an ideal companion in various spots around the house.

25. Philodendron Stenolobum

With its elongated, arrow-shaped leaves, the Philodendron Stenolobum is a distinctive indoor plant that boasts unique and eye-catching foliage.

26. Croton Plant

This tropical plant is valued not only for its vivid appearance but also for its relatively low maintenance. And its tall tree like appearance.

27. New Zealand Laurel

Known for its lush, evergreen foliage and graceful appearance, this beauty can grow 3-10 feet easily.