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How to Wear Open Toe Boots

Peep toe boots are known amongst many women but open toe boots are the better sister for they have a unique design to them. The open toe boot is different than the peep toe one for it the peep toe one shows only the biggest toe and a peek of the one right next to it. The open toe boot, on the other hand shows 3 toes if not more. This way, the shoe has a completely different dimension to it and always promises a sexy and effortless outfit. There are many ways you can implement open toe boots in any outfit you choose to wear. They are like a staple in every shoe closet and can be worn with every and anything. Read about a few examples and ideas below:

Laid Back Boyfriend Shirt Look

For this look you can choose anything in your possession that gives off an easy and casual look. But here’s one you can opt for in casual and formal events: white boyfriend shirt, blue denim skinnies, brown open toe boots and mini leather jacket.

J Lo Type of Look

This outfit was once worn by Jennifer Lopez but hers had a lot of sizzle to it. You can recreate from the look many other looks and this is one of  them: white blouse, light blue skinnies, open toe booties and a black cardigan.

Fresh Spring Outfit

Choose a skirt in a dazzling color like banana yellow or turquoise, pair with a tucked in black top and a leather jacket on top. Not to mention your black open toe booties.

Capri Look

You will need for this outfit: slim fit capri pants, black shirt and a coat on top for that touch of sophisticated.

Laid Back Glam

An overlarge sweater with a mid thigh skirt looks great but pair it with open toe boots and you have yourself a full glam look.