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Beautiful Types of Prayer Plants | Best Maranta Varieties

Here are the most stunning Types of Prayer Plants for your indoor gardens that will surely add lots of color to your room!

Maranta leuconeura is famous for its colorful foliage that offers a stunning combination of different hues. Here are the beautiful ones Types of Prayer Plants You can grow!

The Most Stunning Types of Prayer Plants

1. Kim

Types of Prayer Plants

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Kim’

This stocky variety has beautiful light leaves with purple spots and creamy white stripes. It’s a great plant for hanging baskets or table tops!

2. Kerchoveana

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Kerchoveana’

Also known as the green prayer plant, it is an essential indoor specimen and looks simply fabulous, with green markings on either side of the leaves separated by a central vein.

3. Kerchoveana Minima

Types of Prayer Plants 2

Botanical name: Maranta bicolor ‘Kerchoveana Minima’

Very popular, you must have seen it in many homes! It has light green foliage with dark green spots and a slightly darker leaf color compared to “Kerchoveana.”

4. Silver Feather

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Silver Feather’

The plant’s slender foliage features a unique variegation with just the right combination of bright and deep green. It also has very faint, gray-blue markings between the veins.

5. Erythroneura

Types of Prayer Plants 3

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura var. Erythroneura

The plant looks quite spectacular with its glossy dark green leaves and red veins. Its foliage also has green markings that extend to the middle.

6. Fascinators

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura var. Leuconeura ‘Fascinator’

It looks a little different than the other varieties thanks to its slightly more oval leaves with light green patterns and hints of maroon veins.

7. Marisela

Types of Prayer Plants 4

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Marisela’

This is probably the most striking plant due to its herringbone-like patterns on the light green or cream leaves. The hanging plant is ideal for hanging baskets.

8. Lemon lime

Types of Prayer Plants 10

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura var. Erythroneura ‘Lemon Lime’

The leaves of this variety have many shades of green with distinctive patterns in light lime, medium and dark green tones.

9. Maranta Arundinacea – Arrowroot

Botanical name: Maranta arundinacea

Also known as St. Vincent Arrowroot, West Indian Arrowroot, and Bermuda Arrowroot, this plant displays consistently green leaves and tiny white flowers throughout spring and summer.

10. Black Prayer Plant

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘massangeana’

This beautiful variety features green-silver foliage with patterned purple and olive green edges. Always place it in plenty of bright and indirect light.

11. Silver ribbon

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Silverband’

Silver Band is a beautiful variety with a wide silver band down the center of the foliage. If you are looking for a plant with large leaves and shiny color, then this is the one for you!

12. Colorful arrowroot

Botanical name: Maranta arundinacea ‘Variegated’

This perennial variety comes from the Amazon rainforest region in northwestern Brazil. It has lance-shaped leaves dotted with large creamy white sections.

13. Maranta “Cat Mustache”

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Massangeana’

This enchanting variety features leaves with a silver central vein and a rich purple-black sheen. Use a well-draining growing medium.

14. Tricolor

Botanical name: Maranta leuconeura ‘Tricolor’

Tricolor features showy foliage in three beautiful hues, hence the name. Keep it in a bright, moist place for best growth and color.


15. Lubbersiana

Types of Prayer Plants 5

Botanical name: Ctenanthe lubbersiana

Ctenanthe lubbersiana offers marbled yellow and cream colors on medium green, elongated and rounded leaves. It can grow up to 2-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide.

16. Setosa

Botanical name: Ctenanthe setosa

“Grey Star” is a popular variety of Ctenanthe setosa. It has long elliptical leaves with a pale silver tint, dark leaf veins and reddish-purple undersides. It can grow up to 3-5 feet tall.