Saturday , 25 March 2023
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Small Wooden House Designs to Get Inspired

In the history of housing and house building, wooden houses are the oldest. They are unique and tough, strong enough to withstand earthquakes and impressive enough to be molded into new shapes and structures over time. These houses connect us to our ancient ancestors, which is why we are here …

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How to make flower branches grow roots

Bouquets are popular gifts for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations. With proper care, these cut flowers can last a week or more, but eventually they will die. What if there was a way to turn the cut flowers back into real growing plants? Rooting bouquets doesn’t require a magic wand, …

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Use aloe vera leaves to cut Adenium flowers

One of the best benefits of growing aloe vera plants are those plump leaves full of gel and sap ready for you to harvest. I have been growing this medicinal plant for years and love that it not only looks good (especially when planted in a terracotta pot) but also …

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How to propagate Bougainvillea branches

Bougainvillea is a beautiful tropical perennial that is hardy in USDA zones 9b through 11. Bougainvillea can occur as a bush, tree, or vine that produces profusions of stunning flowers in a variety of colors. How do you go about propagating bougainvillea seeds and cuttings? Read on to learn more …

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How to Get a Hoya to Bloom

Usually grown in a basket, Hoya plants (Hoya carnosa is one of the most common Hoya varieties) have earned a place as a favorite among houseplants. Also known as the wax plant for its thick, glossy leaves, Hoya is easy to manage and thrives with minimal care. Given the right …

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