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Orange Flowers : 53 Best with Names and Pictures

1. Pocketbook Plant Botanical Name: Calceolaria crenatiflora Specification Description USDA Growing Zones 10 to 12 Color Varieties Yellow, orange, red, or brown, sometimes with spots Sun Exposure Bright but indirect light Soil Needs Well-drained, loose, and slightly damp soil Size (tall x wide) 15 to 60 cm tall, 15 to …

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How to plant, grow & care for alliums

Alliums are one of those plants that offer a huge amount of gorgeousness in return for the littlest amount of effort – you simply put them in the ground and they magically return spring after spring. They are hands down the bulbs that give me the greatest sense of achievement …

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The Bronze Age: 7 Ways to Add Drama with Purple-Brown Plants

At the Chelsea Flower Show last month one plant kept popping up again and again, dotted through show gardens and on nursery stands and displays. Atriplex hortensis—or orache—is an edible salad crop that is increasingly being grown in borders, too, and at Chelsea it was used as a bold vertical …

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