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Shoes to Wear with Red Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress look is not complete without a pair of shoes. Well, it is not complete with a hairdo, makeup, veil, jewelry and all but shoes are way more important than the rest. Why? They’re mostly shadowed by the dress! True…quite true. But still when you lift up your huge dress for a dance or for descending/ascending a flight of stairs. Overall you can’t go for a pair of ballet flats on your wedding. It will just ruin your outlook and will look unfitting somehow. But if you do want to opt for something simple and uncomplicated then go for whatever shoes you want. However, with grand red wedding dresses, you want to go for a more lavish pair of shoes. Here are some ideas:

Red Satin Ankle Strap Heels

Texture and material are 2 very important aspects in fashion items. With satin ankle strap heels you have a smooth finish to your look. Red on red looks stunning too!

Red and Gold Stilettos

Red matches very well with gold and looks elegant as well as classy. Opt for a pair of stilettos that have a base color of red and gold highlights. If not that then one which has a gold under sole (something like a Christian Louboutin pair of heels).


You will be surprised on how many colors match with beige. It is a very customizable color that goes with other hues but most importantly looks awesome with red wedding dresses. Peep toe beige heels are a fine example.

Bold in Metallics

Metallic is one of those colors that compliments itself and the color it is paired with. Opt for strappy metallic heels and gold themed jewelry to pair with red wedding dresses.

Shine in Snow White

White is the last and most fitting color to pair with red wedding dresses. Whether studded or sporting highlights of silver/gold if the base color of the shoe is white then it will look great.