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The modern DIY room partition with monstera

Being big and brave, Using Monstera to divide space is something no one has thought of before. Check out the crazy ideas below!

With its large and striking leaves, Monstera offers a unique twist on traditional room dividers. Get inspired by these ideas and consider placing this large leafy plant in modern containers and arranging them strategically.

Using Monstera to divide a room: crazy ideas

1. Large Monstera in pots

Monstera for room divider 1

Place a Monstera pot in any room. Its tall, towering foliage forms a fork. You won’t need anything else.

2. Monstera on a plant stand

With such a monstera plant stand idea, you can easily separate your work area, reading corner or a smaller area in the room.

3. Monstera is next to the couch

Monstera for room divider 3

This Monstera on a plant stand stylishly separates the living room sofas.

4. All eyes on one Monstera

A houseplant like a monstera can make any partition look interesting.

5. Monstera room divider

Monstera for room divider 5

Get some jungle vibes and divide the space by placing a large, lush monster on a plant stand.

6. Round table as a Monstera stand

Monsteras look amazing on tabletops. You can use a small table like this to add accents to the hallway and divide the rooms. Maybe the dining room and kitchen.

7. Monstera near the landing

Monstera for room divider 7

A large monstera can help you easily divide the large rooms and keep prying eyes away from upstairs.

8. Big monstera in the corner

You can divide any space with a Monstera plant. Try doing this with other foliage so you can separate the indoor garden from the living space.

9. In a pot and saucer near the TV

Monstera for room divider 9

This pot and saucer combination is perfect for growing monstera and separating the living room from the kitchen.

10. Lush Monstera near the stairs

A lush monstera near the stairs can hide it well, divide the room and add a tropical touch at the same time.

11. Mobile plant stand for large windows

Monstera for room divider 11

A mobile plant stand is perfect for Monstera in offices and homes. You can easily move it and divide rooms or cubicles.

12. Perfect room divider for plants

Buy a plant room divider like this one or use an Ikea clothes rack for this purpose.

13. Use Monstera for a private session

Monstera for room divider 13

Divide your room with a Monstera divider to create a private little sitting area like this so you can study, read or work in peace.

14. Monstera countertop room divider

This countertop monstera pot is the perfect divider if you have a small wall separating open spaces in your home.

15. Large terracotta pot in the hallway

Monstera for room divider 15

An open archway between rooms or the hallway can be divided with a monstera partition idea like this one.

16. Monstera near the corridor

This large Monstera pot can be used to block multiple entrances to the room.

17. Monstera Green Space

Monstera for room divider 17

Place monstera plants in your room to divide the space so that no one can disturb you while you are working.

18. Monstera plant divider

Monstera does its job of separating the living space.

19. Monstera with trellis for the closet

Monstera for room divider 19

Take a plant stand and grow a Monstera on it using a trellis. As the monstera grows, it becomes a room divider, separating the bedroom from the closet.

20. Monstera living room divider

You can even hang such a Monstera to create an illusion of division.