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Recycling Teapots for DIY Garden Decorations

Recycling old teapots saves them from landfill and inspires the creation of original garden decorations. Ceramic and metal teapots are excellent materials for making planters, vases, wind chimes, fountains and garden art. New synthetic materials for patios and furniture can harmonize with nature by pairing handcrafted planters with vintage teapots. Check out the creative recycling ideas in the Lushome collection.

Get inspired to breathe new life into an old metal teapot as a planter. An eye-catching design adds a unique touch to your garden and backyard and beautifully accents your porch, gazebo or patio. Recycling wood, ceramics and metal is a great idea to add unique accents. Vintage teapots are charming, decorative planters for growing flowers, herbs or other plants for everyday enjoyment.

Teapots are given the appearance, shape, material and perfect size. Attractive textures and fun shapes make teapots original and versatile garden decorations. Tall planters pair well with teapots and create spectacular multi-level floral arrangements. Even small vessels increase their appeal if you complement them with a creatively decorated teapot with colorful flowers. Teapots can beautifully decorate a garden path or a tree stump. They add fun accents to stair treads and look fantastic on reclaimed wood shelves, plant stands, and chairs.