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Recycling Antique Wheels for Unique Garden Decorations

Old metal and wooden wheels add great accents that personalize the garden design and add a touch of vintage style to the garden design. Nowadays, wheels are rare items that are not easy to find for free. If you’re lucky enough to have one or two, don’t hide them, show them off. You can recycle them for spectacular garden decorations. Old metal and wooden wheels look beautiful in the yards of country houses and cottage gardens.

Wheels come in different designs, sizes and types of materials. Spinning wheels, wagon wheels, industrial wagon wheels or vintage bicycle wheels offer surprising material for creative and original interior design and decoration of outdoor living spaces. Wheels are circles that symbolize the sun and add brightness and warmth to modern homes and gardens.

The wheel is a tremendous, extremely useful invention. The wooden spoke wheel was used to power chariots and carts around the world centuries ago. With the advent of the Bronze and Iron Ages, people began to use stronger iron wheels. Today, the ancient wheels bring history into modern life, connecting generations in amazingly meaningful and friendly ways.