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Knee High Heel Boots – The Sexiest Ways to Wear Them

Keeping up to date with new trends and incoming fashion looks is essential to anyone who cares about their social fashion status. And lately fashion trends are taking a high road (pun intended). Knee high heel boots have become a top favorite of every sort of lady. From celebrities to fashion bloggers to any normal girl. They are mainly ways to keeping your legs looking sexy and long no matter what you are wearing. Mostly worn in winter with short dresses and skirt looks these can still be worn in summer (when the weather is not burning the skin off your legs). Find out about all the different yet sexy ways of wearing these footwear options:

Crop Top and Skirt Look

Knee high heel boots only work with such outfits when you opt for thigh high or mid thigh high skirts. A perfect look you can go for is this: high wasited thigh suede skirt, black full sleeve crop top and knee high heel boots.

Jumper Shorts Kind of Look

With overalls like jumper shorts you are free to customize your look as you like. Opt for this outfit to look your best: white full sleeve collared formal dress shirt, dark blue jumper shorts, knee high heel boots, wide brim hat and a leather jacket.

LBD Outfit

With little black dresses, knee high heel boots are basically all what your look should have. To create dimensional and unique looks pick different colors. For a sophisticated touch, add a knee length sleeveless coat.

Jumper Dress

More commonly knows as sweater dresses, these look chic and stylish with knee high heel boots. Opt for a layering outfit with a grey long top under your jumper dress.

Skinny Jeans

Go for the tightest high waisted skinny jeans you have, match them with a tucked it casual tee and a simple zip up hoodie or long jacket on top.