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Japanese Garden Design Ideas To Inspire Your Outdoor Space

There is something inherently profound and inherently calming about Asian design with oriental undertones in large and Japanese design and architecture in particular. Perhaps it is the influence of the region’s philosophical approach to life that has shaped their style and design principles over several centuries, or it could be a combination of their lifestyle, deeply connected to the region’s nature and topography, that gives them unique insights offers in every aspect of life.

Traditional Japanese gardens are designed for peaceful contemplation. They draw heavily on Buddhist, Shinto and Taoist philosophies and strive to provide visitors with a spiritual sanctuary. The focus of an oriental garden is on nature.

The elements of a Japanese garden imitate or symbolize natural elements. Therefore, geometric shapes and artificial stone are not common in Asian landscape design. The more natural and harmonious a garden is, the more it invites reflection.

Four essential elements are used in Japanese garden design: stones, water, plants and ornaments. When selecting and arranging these elements in your space, it is important to keep in mind the key design principles of a Japanese garden, which include asymmetry, enclosure, borrowed scenery, balance and symbolism. These principles will work together to create the right balance in your Japanese garden.