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Beautiful Weeping Begonia

Needless to say, the most well-known plant named after “weeping” is the weeping willow. In addition to the weeping willow, there is also the weeping begonia, which we are going to talk about today. silk begonia, weeping cherry, weeping plum, etc., but the weeping willow is more charming and therefore famous.

Begonia was mentioned in “Hundred Flowers” as early as the Tang Dynasty. “Sea” means “foreign,” so it’s clear that begonia isn’t a native plant, but an imported species. “Tang” is a tree that only flowers but bears no fruit and later developed into a woody plant with beautiful flowers and inedible fruit.

Over time, begonia became more and more appreciated and loved. In the Song Dynasty, it became a traditional noble tree in China and more and more horticultural varieties were cultivated, including the begonia.