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Create a Staircase Garden and Elevate Your Home Decor

You’ve probably seen gardens in all sorts of places. Front gardens, backyards, roofs, parks – and that’s just outside. There are also plenty of ways to show off your green thumb indoors. Hello, houseplants! You can practice your gardening indoors with container gardening, succulents, and even vegetables and herbs.

But have you ever heard of a stepped garden?

As with other types of gardening, creating and maintaining a step garden can be easy—and it’ll definitely be fun, too. Read on to learn more about how to breathe a little more life into your home.

Where to create a step garden
As you can probably guess, a stair garden is created on or around a staircase! With a little creativity and a willingness to get some dirt under your fingernails, you can transform any staircase in your home or property.

Indoor stair gardens
Combine these techniques and approaches to create the indoor stair garden of your dreams.

If you’re already interested in houseplants and find that your houseplants are bursting at the seams, maybe it’s time to take a look at your stairs. Place a potted plant on each step to ensure there is enough space for comfortable and safe climbing up and down. You may only need to purchase a few more plants to complete the entire staircase.