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Best Types of Sempervivums | Amazing Hens and Chicks Varieties

Are succulents your favorite plants? If yes, discover the names of the Preferably Types of Sempervivum Varieties! They are easy to care for, tolerate frost and thrive all year round.

Popular by name Chickens and chicks, Sempervivums are colorful evergreen succulents that grow well in garden beds and pots. If you are a person who doesn’t care much about plants then this one Preferably Types of Sempervivum cultivars would be perfect for you.

Best Types of Sempervivums

1. Sempervivum “Fashion Diva”

Types of Sempervivums

“Fashion Diva” features bright red rosettes with maroon green to yellow accents in some seasons. It also features “watermarks,” or wavy lines of natural wax, that help the plant tolerate direct sunlight.

2. Sempervivum “Eddy”

“Eddy” has a striking appearance with dark red leaves and a green hue in the center. Grow them on a rocky surface in full sun to enjoy pink flowers when ripe.

3. Sempervivum calcareum “Greenii”

Types of Sempervivums 2

‘Greenii’ forms a densely packed rosette. This mat-forming succulent features fleshy, pointed, gray-green to blue-gray leaves with deep red or maroon tips.

4. Sempervivum “Killer”

This Sempervivum variety forms pretty olive green rosettes. The leaves have deep red to mahogany colored spots.

5. Sempervivum “Rita Jane”

Types of Sempervivums 3

This perennial succulent features a loose rosette of gray-green leaves with dark purple tips and a rosy base.

6. Sempervivum ciliosum

This mat-forming succulent features rosettes of gray-green, pointed, fleshy and hairy leaves. It is one of the best succulents you can grow in the garden.

7. Sempervivum “Corsair”

Types of Sempervivums 4

‘Corsair’ is a mound-forming, small succulent plant that features clusters of medium-sized rosettes with spiky leaves. New growth emerges green before turning a deep pinkish-red color as it ages.

8. Sempervivum “Terracotta Baby”

“Terracotta Baby” has a dramatic appearance with long, spoon-shaped, burgundy leaves that become exotic in spring and fade slightly in fall.

9. Sempervivum heuffelii ‘Purple Haze’

Types of Sempervivums 5

This perennial succulent offers a beautiful rosette of flat, round, gray to green leaves with a purple hue and pointed tips.

10. Sempervivum “Jade Rose”

This variant of Chickens and chicks displays compact rosettes of narrow emerald green and red leaves. There is a hairy line of thin white cilia along the edge of this pretty succulent.

11. Sempervivum “Magnificum”

Types of Sempervivums 6

‘Magnificum’ is a perennial succulent that forms compact rosettes of large, deep purple leaves that spread from a narrow center. In mid-summer, star-shaped pink flowers grow above the foliage.

12. Sempervivum “Hairy Eggs”

The “Hairy Balls” resemble a small ball made of fleshy, furry leaves. They are small, 2 inches in diameter, with gray-green foliage covered in creamy white fuzz.

13. Sempervivum ‘Windless’

Types of Sempervivums 7

This perennial succulent changes colors from bright green in winter to bright orange in spring. It is one of the best types of Sempervivums to grow!

14. Sempervivum ‘Pippin’

This sturdy, succulent member of the Lord of the Rings collection features a large rosette of deep green leaves tipped with purple.

15. Sempervivum “Raspberry Ice Cream”

Types of Sempervivums 8

A beautiful succulent plant with densely packed rosettes of symmetrical leaves with pointed tips. The “Raspberry Ice” was awarded the Silver Rosette of the Sempervivum Society in 1978.

16. Sempervivum “Purple Dazzler”

The “Purple Dazzler” features bicolor foliage in shades of light green and dark purple. This succulent variety makes an excellent ground cover when planted in full sun.

17. Sempervivum arachnoideum “Spider’s Web Houseleek”

A dramatic plant similar to its name appears in a bright green rosette of fine tissue. When exposed to full sunlight, this unique Sempervivum turns purple-brown.

18. Sempervivum “Glowing Embers”

The “Glowing Embers” plant has a striking appearance with compact leaves in a green-bronze hue and dark red tips.

19. Sempervivum “Pacific Blue Ice”

Types of Sempervivums 10

Like most of its relatives, the “Pacific Blue Ice” tolerates wild conditions and neglect in style. The leaves appear in an ice blue gray tone, with the center of the rosette being pinkish red.

20. Sempervivum ‘Reinhard’

This Sempervivum variety features medium-sized emerald green rosettes and unique purplish-black tips that cover almost half of the leaves.

21. Sempervivum ‘Engles’

Types of Sempervivums 11

An attractive succulent with rosettes of fleshy, elongated, gray-green leaves that turn purple in winter.

22. Sempervivum marmoreum ‘Brunneifolium’

A unique variety that features large rosettes of silvery-pink leaves with a bronze undertone. Grow it in a metal-colored pot to show off the succulent in style.

23. Sempervivum “Carmen”

Types of Sempervivums 12

This mat-forming sempervivum forms five-inch, evergreen rosettes of fleshy, thick, emerald-green foliage decorated with red tips.

24. Sempervivum “Commander Hay”

“Commander Hay” is a perennial, mat-forming succulent with evergreen rosettes of crimson leaves tipped with light green.

25. Sempervivum ‘Kalinda’

Types of Sempervivums 13

It forms dense, evergreen rosettes of apple-green, fleshy foliage that blushes blood red at the base. The color intensifies in cool temperatures.

26 Sempervivum ‘Ohio Burgundy’

‘Ohio Burgundy’ features an evergreen rosette of deep burgundy, fleshy foliage covered in fine hairs. The color of the leaves changes with the season.

27. Sempervivum “Mrs. Giuseppi”

‘Woman. Giuseppi’ features a large evergreen rosette of densely packed, pointed, fleshy, pale green foliage with burgundy tips. It is one of the best types of Sempervivums to grow!

28. Sempervivum ‘Hart 8’

‘Hart 8’ features a stunning evergreen rosette of apple green and fleshy leaves with orange-red tips. In summer the color becomes more intense.

29. Sempervivum “Ruby Heart”

Types of Sempervivums 15

“Ruby Heart” features a rosette of full, pointed, silver-blue to blue-green leaves that are bright ruby ​​red at the base.

30. Sempervivum “Rocknoll Rosette”

‘Rocknroll Rosette’ forms an evergreen rosette of plump, glossy burgundy leaves that are blush apple green at the base.

31. Sempervivum “Arctic White”

Types of Sempervivums 16

‘Arctic White’ is a stunning ground cover that also doubles as a stocky plant. It looks best on tabletops and window sills!

32. Sempervivum “Green Wheel”

If you want an evergreen plant that maintains its lush appearance, then this is your best choice! Water it moderately and place it in plenty of sunlight.