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How To Spot A Fake H Belt

The H belt is a renowned style, design and look that spans the fashion world all over the globe and back. It is not a style that you may have missed by any chance at all as it is quite literally everywhere. It is close to impossible to not find at least a singular H belt in any man’s wardrobe. If you don’t own one yet and are looking to purchase one, then you ought to make sure that you get the real deal and not a rip off seeing how plenty of those exist in the marketplace. Here is how to recognize a real H belt when it comes to purchasing one:


Real H belt boxes come with a “Made in France” tag on one side of the lid. If that label is missing then the box itself is fake alongside the contents as well.


Th real H belt buckle is engraved at the very top. You will find the words “Hermes” etched into the buckle if you pay close attention. If your belt buckle does not have that, do not even think of buying it.


H belts are handmade and created out of the finest leather. It is impossible for the product to fray or wear and tear away. If you notice any fraying occurring at the top, do not venture forth to purchase the belt.


One of the easiest giveaways regarding the H belt is the buckle. Aside from the “Hermes” engraving, it is important to pay close attention to the back of the belt buckle. The genuine belt buckle’s back side will not sport a shiny shade regardless of what metal type it is. The genuine belt buckle’s back side will sport a matte look instead.

Now that you know how to avoid buying a fake h belt, you will be in great hands when purchasing your own.