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Growing and caring for Anthuriums

Anthurium prefers bright but indirect light. In direct sun they can dry out too much and the leaves can develop brown, burnt tips.
The plant prefers a location with temperatures between 60° and 85°F
How to care for anthurium
Anthurium likes moist conditions. Store the pot on a tray of moist gravel or mist with water several times a week.
Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Allow the top inch or so of soil to dry slightly between waterings.
Fertilize with a pot plant fertilizer with a high phosphorus content every two weeks in the spring and summer.
Replant every two years, or when the plant becomes pot-bound.
Keep away from pets and children, as parts of the plant may cause mouth irritation and stomach upset if ingested.
Anthurium andraeanum has large heart-shaped waxy spathes with a pointed white flower in the center.
A. andraeanum ‘Hookuloa’ has bright white spades with a pale yellow center flower.
A. andraeanum ‘Purple Plum’ is completely purple, even the stems.
A. scherzerianum has arrow-shaped leaves and a curly orange flower spike.

Anthurium can be grown in a tall glass of water! Keep the glass two-thirds full of water and add a drop or two of liquid potting fertilizer to the water every 10 to 14 days. Fill the bottom 3 inches of the glass with small stones to anchor the roots.
Anthurium has come to symbolize hospitality with its flowers inspiring happiness and abundance.