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Best Chinese Indoor Plants

Chinese houseplants – most of them don’t require much care, look fantastic and also bring a touch of positivity to the home!

These Chinese houseplants are reminiscent of China’s rich flora and provide not only aesthetic appeal but also stress reduction.

Best Chinese Houseplants

Many of these beautiful houseplants come from China.

1. Lucky Bamboo

Chinese houseplants 15

Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana

Lucky bamboo has been grown in China for over 4,000 years and has a rich history in Feng Shui. They are low maintenance – just be careful about overwatering and underwatering.

2. Chinese money plant

 Chinese houseplants 2

Botanical name: Pilea peperomioides

This plant is native to the southwest of Sichuan Province in China and the west of Yunnan Province and has round leaves that look like coins.

3. Chinese fan palm

 Chinese houseplants 3

Botanical name: Livistona chinensis

The Chinese fan palm looks like a miniature tree with large, fan-like leaves. They are found in southeast China and Hainan Province.

4. Dragon boat flower

Chinese houseplants 4

Botanical name: Ixora chinensis

This Chinese plant is found in Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi and gets its name from its tiny red flowers. You should place this in a place where it gets some sun, but not too hot.

5. Dieffenbachia

Chinese houseplants 5

Botanical name: Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachias have broad, dark green leaves with lighter patterns in the center that attract everyone’s attention. It is perfect for creating an indoor focal point.

6. Crying Fig

Chinese houseplants 6

Botanical name: Ficus benjamina

The glossy green leaves of this upright tree fit perfectly with modern decor as they have a clean look. It can grow 3 to 6 feet tall and is found in Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou.

7. Chinese banyan

Chinese houseplants 7

Botanical name: Ficus microcarpa

The Chinese Banyan is a beautiful southern Chinese bonsai that is ideal for indoor use. It needs moist soil, has tiny leaves and looks great!

8. Creeping Fig

Chinese houseplants 8

Botanical name: Ficus pumila

This Chinese houseplant needs an area with warm, humid air and continues to thrive – bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are perfect. Their homeland is central and southern China.

9. Lady Palm

Chinese houseplants 9

Botanical name: Rhapis excelsa

The lady palm is a small type of palm with shiny green leaves and originally comes from southern China and Taiwan. It is easy to care for, making it a good choice for indoor use.

10. Lipstick Flower Vine

Chinese houseplants 10

Botanical name: Aeschynanthus pulcher

This is a tropical perennial vine full of pretty red flowers. Its spreading habit looks great in hanging planters and macrame.

11. Peace Lily

Chinese houseplants 11

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

The peace lily has everything a houseplant needs – glossy green leaves and beautiful white flowers. Be careful, however; It contains calcium oxalate and is slightly toxic.

12. Pineapple plant

Chinese houseplants 12

Botanical name: Pineapple comosus

This one is like a mini pineapple tree that reaches a height of 3 to 6 feet. Its sword-shaped leaves grow in a rosette and give it a beautiful appearance. It is found in Hainan, Guangxi and Yunnan.

13. Areca palm

Chinese houseplants 14

Botanical name: Dypsis lutescens

This Chinese plant is perfect for indoors where more space is available. It is a good choice for impatient gardeners because it grows slowly. It comes from Hainan and Hunan provinces.