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Small Patio Garden Ideas That’ll Make a Big Splash in Any Space

If your patio is small, you shouldn’t limit yourself to decorating it with plants. Using pots, trellises and stands, you can create a compact garden that complements your patio decor and adds a refreshingly natural touch.

Get inspired by our 18 attractive garden ideas for small patios and choose the best design for your small patio.

1. Terrace with flower border

Beautiful flower bed around a terrace

Make the small patio colorful and inviting by adding a flower border. Place flower pots with different types of plants on the patio to create an indoor atmosphere.

2. Terrace with privacy screen

A private space

Make the patio seating area cozy and private by adding lattice walls and climbing plants. This makes the terrace a place to retreat and the greenery creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget about decorations – put a blooming flower in the center of the table.

3. Light up the patio

Bright decoration in a small terrace

Add lanterns, fairy lights, and candles to the patio to make it attractive and cozy after the sun sets.

You can make lanterns out of mason jars or purchase paper lanterns at the dollar store. Complete the decoration with flower pots with large plant species.

4. Get the most out of your small patio

Maximizing a small patio

Even the smallest terrace can be used by the whole family with the right seating set. Opt for compact furniture and add cushions to add a touch of color and make the stay comfortable.

The round terrace here is surrounded by a living wall of climbing plants. Not only do they provide a natural look, but they also ensure that the corner remains private.

5. Hide a lounge chair

 A jungle terrace

If the terrace is the place where you can relax to the maximum, go for this terrace garden design. There is only one lounge chair hidden in the lush greenery. There you can relax all your senses undisturbed.

6. Cover the terrace with stone slabs

Stone slabs on a terrace

Make patio maintenance an enjoyable activity by covering the floor with an additional layer of tiles, pavers or stones. In this patio garden idea, the patio is covered with flagstones, leaving space only for the garden edges where various lush plants grow.

7. Small but inviting terrace

A French-style terrace

This patio is so cute! Consisting of two rocking chairs and natural decoration, it exudes a relaxing atmosphere. If there is no garden bed near the patio, you can add flowers in pots. Arrange them next to furniture or stack them on a vertical stand, such as a pallet flower stand.

8. Terrace with raised garden

 Raised garden with fairy lights

The terrace is located in the lowest part of a terraced area. In the upper part of it there is a small garden. To make care easier, some plants are in containers.

You can opt for flowering varieties or green plants that add a minimalist touch to the outdoor decoration.

9. Cozy corner terrace

A cozy terrace with seating

Place two chairs and a table in a corner of the patio. If there is a pergola, place the seating area underneath it to take advantage of the natural shade provided by climbing plants.

Decorate the room with flower pots on the floor and hanging baskets to add more charm.

10. Terrace surrounded by greenery

 Small space – big impact

Do you want to make a big impact with your small patio? Then think vertically and get creative! Set up a seating area and surround it with natural decorations. Use hanging baskets, trellises and flower pots to decorate the patio.

You can opt for wildflowers to create a cottage garden or ornamental plants to transform the patio into a tropical paradise.

11. Rustic patio

 Bohemian terrace

This little patio is so adorable! The atmosphere is given a vintage feel with the help of a weathered bench and a rusty table. The decoration with flower pots complements the seating and makes the room very inviting.

12. Idea for a small terrace

Vintage wooden chair and hanging pots

This gravel patio is tiny but impressive! Thanks to the green background created by the lush foliage of the plants, the simple wooden chair looks like an oasis in which you can sit alone and relax.

13. Vintage Terrace

French country terrace

A vintage wooden chair in front of a garden bed with lush greenery is a beautiful and easy way to fill the patio. If you have even more space, you can use it for a vintage metal sofa set to complement the wooden chair.

You can keep the decor simple or decorate it with colorful pillow patterns.

14. Shabby chic patio idea

 Small terrace in shabby chic style

Incorporate old items into the small patio decoration to give it a shabby chic look. A rattan armchair, a weathered wooden cupboard, a clock and a carpet and the terrace is transformed into an inviting living area.

Add the finishing touches by planting different flowers in farmer containers.

15. Comfortable little terrace

A wooden bench and a table

The small terrace can be cozy if you choose the right furniture set. A bench for two people and a small table are enough to enjoy your coffee outside in the fresh air.

The natural decoration here consists of vines climbing up the stone wall and shrub-like greenery.

16. Inviting outdoor living room

painted black

Transform the patio into an outdoor living room with elements that are usually part of the interior. A rug, flower pots, candles and a side table instantly transform the area into an inviting corner.

Added wooden walls with shelves increase privacy and provide more space for decorations.

17. Exotic patio idea

Tropical mood

If you have planted tropical varieties in the gardens around the terrace, decorate them in the same style. Add a patterned rug and bright furniture pieces to match the exotic vibe.

18. Boho Terrace

 A minimalist terrace

The small terrace can be decorated in any style. If you like the relaxed feel of boho style, decorate with lanterns, macrame hanging pots and wooden furniture.

Don’t forget to add a touch of color, typical accents of bohemian style.