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Amazing Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Every Type of Home

A flower pot stand or a planter on legs are all the rage these days, which may come as no surprise to many of us considering houseplants have become one of the hottest home accessories in recent years.

An indoor plant stand (you can also call it a standing planter, flower pot with legs, plant holder, or raised planter) is not only great for displaying your houseplants, but it also adds a bit of height to your green plants and adds some character to your space. It’s also perfect for small spaces as the raised legs (the higher the better) give the impression of a larger space and allow more light to flow through the room.

It’s no secret that indoor plants move the world. They remind city dwellers that nature exists and bring nature inside, even for the greenest thumb. No, technically they can’t cleanse your home, but they can fill your heart with joy and seem like babies even to the most dedicated plant parent. For all they can achieve just by being beautiful, plants deserve to be put on a pedestal. Maybe that’s why there are so many chic plant stands on the internet.

For all the garden lovers out there who want to make sure your green friends get the recognition (and sunshine) they deserve, we’ve rounded up stylish plant stands that will fit perfectly into your home. Your plants want sun, they want water, and they want to be elevated indoors so they don’t accidentally get knocked over. Indoor plant stands are fantastic for this. They keep your plants at a level where watering is a breeze, they catch a lot of light and no one will ever knock them over with clumsiness. Take a look at this collection and see what we mean.