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Awesome Tree Stump Garden Decor Ideas

Old stumps are always a thorn in our side and we try to get rid of them as soon as possible. If it’s a tree stump that’s still stuck in the ground it can be very difficult, so I advise you to skip the idea of getting rid of it and opt for upcycling. There are many possibilities and many things that can be made from tree stumps, let’s take a look and maybe you’ll find an idea you like!

Tree Stump Furniture
Tree stumps are great to use as furniture – these are ready made stools that do not require any modifications, such stools will look great around your dining table or around your fire pit. Of course you want to change them, you can paint them or put pillows on them. Another idea of using tree stumps is to make a base for a table out of them or, if the tree stump is really big, use it as a table. Place a large Living Edge table top on your stump and voila!