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Are Blue Poinsettias Real | Beautiful Blue Poinsettia Varieties

Are blue poinsettias real?? Do they occur naturally or is there a secret behind them? Let’s take the packaging off Blue poinsettia varieties!

Are blue poinsettias real?

If you’ve always loved the classic red and green colors of the poinsettia during the Christmas season, prepare to be surprised! What if we told you that they also come in a blue shade? So, Are blue poinsettias real? Time to find out!

Poinsettias: The Iconic Holiday Blooms

Historical meaning

Poinsettias have roots (pun intended 😉) in the Mexican culture originally known as “Cuetlaxochitl.” Legend has it that they were used at a Christmas celebration in 16th century Mexico, cementing their association with the holiday season.

Festive appearance

With their bold bracts, these plants offer a pop of color that will breathe life into any Christmas decoration. Their rich hues bring warmth and joy and serve as vibrant jewelry!

Blue poinsettia varieties: marketing gimmick or natural wonder

Let’s get straight to the point: Blue poinsettias do not occur in nature. Red, pink and white are the only natural colors of this plant. The blue ones are normal poinsettias that dress up.

The dyeing process

How do these common poinsettias magically turn blue? Well, human intervention! This process typically uses a water-soluble dye that the plant absorbs.

The dye changes the color of the bracts – the leaf-like parts that many people mistake for the plant’s petals.

Spray vs. dipping

  • Spray method: A simple splash of color on the bracts.
  • Immersion method: For a more even look, dip the entire plant in a dye solution.

So why blue?

So why would anyone want to turn a perfect red poinsettia blue? Quite simply: people love unique things. A blue poinsettia can transform a traditional Christmas decoration and add a unique pop of color. Plus, it might match your curtains better 😀

Blue poinsettias – should you buy them?

Are blue poinsettias real? 2


  • The plant is sure to add regal charm to any indoor space and enhance any traditional holiday decoration.
  • A blue poinsettia fits your holiday theme, which features cooler tones like blue and silver.
  • Despite the color change, blue poinsettias have the same care requirements as their natural counterparts. So you don’t have to worry about special care instructions.


  • As previously mentioned, poinsettias are blue in color, which means they are unnatural. This might be a sticking point if you’re a purist or only want natural plants in your home.
  • The dye is temporary, so over time the original color may show through. Basically, it’s a short-lived beauty.
  • Although the dye used on blue poinsettias is generally non-toxic, it may cause allergic reactions in some people or pets.