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Tropical Interior Design Ideas

Tropical style potted plants
It’s impossible to think of the tropics without imagining dense, lustrous jungles teeming with colorful flowers. Bamboo, orchids and palm trees evoke tranquil tropical shores, but be careful not to overdo it. As per our first tip, keep it minimal and strategically place a small potted plant or two on a shelf or coffee table. Larger plants are ideal for filling in corners and unused cracks.

Add soothing tropical colors for home decor
Vacation thinking is all about letting go of everyday stressors. Choose a soothing, calm color palette that puts you in the right headspace. Bright tropical colors can get a bit messy in large doses, so stick to colorful accent pieces like pillows, vases, and flowers.

Incorporate abstract decorBright, splashy, abstract decor is a fun counterbalance to the calm colors we talked about in our last tip. Plus, paintings, rugs, and decorations are easy to move and swap out, so you can choose something bold without committing yourself.