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Inspiring Tire Planters Ideas

There are many things in our home that we don’t use, so why not use those things for something beautiful and valuable? One of the examples of this is a tire, everyone who owns a car or a bike or even a bike carries a spare tire or a tire that is no longer used, most of us throw those tires away, but how about it so you use them creatively to make something beautiful out of them? Check out the list below for some pretty tire planters

One of the things you can do with your hoops is turn them into a teacup! You can be creative and paint whatever you like on it and have a small tea party. Your kids will love them and your neighbors will keep asking you how you made it. You can put flowers in these tea cups and beautify your garden.

You can stack up to four different sized hoops on top of each other to create a pop up vase for your plant. You can paint bright colors on each hoop that are different on each one, making it pop out a bright color. Then all you need is your soil and your plant, and you’re good to go.