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Stunning Unusual Color Houseplants

This Houseplants in unusual colors provides a vibrant breath of fresh air among the usual green specimens you have in your collection!

These are not your average Houseplants in unusual colors are more than just a visual treat; They are a conversation starter and a testament to the incredible diversity of nature’s creations

Houseplants in unusual colors

1. Persian Shield

Houseplants in unusual colors 1

Persian shield is characterized by its purple leaves that shimmer with silvery markings. This surreal coloring is due to the light reflection from the microscopic hairs on the foliage.

2. Costus arabicus

Its leaves are cream colored with green stripes here and there. This plant looks so stunning that you will think it is an artificial plant!

3. Begonia brevirimosa

Houseplants in unusual colors 3

This begonia variety has leaves with intense red undersides. The red pigmentation, primarily due to anthocyanins, adds dramatic flair to any place you choose to keep it.

4. Sinningia

The leaves of Sinningia have a soft, velvety texture and often a warm, burgundy base. This two-tone shade has a velvety appearance thanks to the tiny hairs on the surface.

5. Begonia amphioxus

Houseplants in unusual colors 5

With elongated leaves with a mix of green and red spots, it presents a playful dance of colors. These spots are a strategic adaptation to absorb light.

6. Anthurium clarinervium

Its heart-shaped leaves are deep green with distinctive white veins. These contrasting veins add a dramatic touch to the plant’s large foliage!

7. Variegated Farfugium japonicum

Houseplants in unusual colors 7

The leaves of this plant are a green canvas with irregular cream or yellow spots. All of this creates a stunning mosaic effect.

8. Auricula Prague

Its leaves are deep green in color with a white center surrounded by a black border. These three colors give it a look that is unmatched by any other houseplant!

9. Mrs. Cox Pelargonium

Houseplants in unusual colors 9

The leaves of Mrs. Cox Pelargonium are a mix of green, cream and burgundy. This three-color effect results from genetic mutations and ensures a vivid display.

10. Macodes petola

Macodes petola is famous for its leaves that look electric with intricate, lightning-like golden veins. This unique pattern creates the effect of glowing foliage!

11. Colocasia Mojito

Houseplants in unusual colors 11

Each leaf of Colocasia Mojito is uniquely sprayed with many colors against a lime green background that you can barely see!

12. Calathea roseopicta

Known for its picturesque leaves, it features deep green-black tones with pink and white highlights and purple undersides.

13. Caladium

Its leaves resemble hammered copper with a metallic sheen. This remarkable effect combines pigmentation and leaf texture, reflecting light in a way that mimics metal.