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Best Modern Landscape Design Ideas Redefining Outdoors

Modern landscape designs should have specific areas that showcase different plants. A modern garden is a good place to start. Modern gardens need beautiful, clear lines and well-kept, clearly defined spaces. Plant beds should have straight, slightly softened edges.

When choosing plants, choose something that won’t compromise their uniform appearance by becoming unruly. Opt for green and/or pale colored options, which tend to work best with modern designs. Try to avoid mixing too many varieties, otherwise your landscape will look less modern and more traditional.

This modern architectural concept uses different textures to develop eye-catching elements. An easy way to incorporate contrasting textures into your landscape is to use gravel or stones in the paths of your lawn. Also consider purchasing metal siding or wooden planters.

Another effective way to incorporate this concept is to create gravel gardens. Before you start planting, cover the beds with about two inches of evenly distributed pea gravel. This helps drought-tolerant native plants survive and thrive even in severe drainage conditions. Bee balm, autumn bog grass, coral bells, purslane, juniper and swirling butterflies are some hearty varieties that look attractive in gravel gardens.

Can you describe your perspective on modern landscaping?
“In modern design, the simplest solution is often the best. Modern landscaping is about bringing order to natural, rough and irregular elements such as stones and plants. It combines the human instinct to create order with nature’s tendency to be chaotic, and that’s a fun challenge to play with. I think I like it so much because it’s almost too simple in its own way, but the result is always so wonderful!”

How do you approach a new landscaping project?
“My first step is to think about traffic flow and the connection between spaces. Before I begin narrowing down any details or shapes, I begin by roughly arranging the various parts of the landscape until their placement makes sense from the perspective of how one would move through the landscape, both physically and visually. This can be a bit of a challenge and sometimes means that certain elements have to be reduced or left out if there just isn’t enough room for everything to fit functionally. Once the function of the space works, the form follows much more easily.”

Shapes play a key role in modern landscape design. They give outdoor spaces a clean, modern look and uncluttered, defined areas while also acting as compelling focal points. With this in mind, when planning a modern design, it’s best to incorporate circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and other simple shapes throughout.

You can also create linear stone paths to your sitting area and garden. Another good idea is to create circular fencing around trees using stones, bricks, or rock mulch.

A beautiful trellis wall is also a beautiful element that can highlight geometric shapes. Whether you want to use it for your climbing or hanging plants or leave them open, this eye-catching element will instantly add a modern vibe.

You can also include plants with interesting shapes to enhance your landscape. Examples include cedar, boxwood, cedar, hydrangeas and succulents.