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How to choose the best hanging basket

Your hanging display starts with the right hanging basket. Get the hardware right and you’re onto a winner. Whether you want to brighten up your front entrance, disguise a plain shed or add interest to a contemporary courtyard, hanging baskets are the perfect way to introduce colour and make use of vertical space. Here’s our basket buying advice along with top tips on which hanging basket plants to choose for an eye-catching display.

Which hanging basket is right for you?
Flowers in a wall basket from Suttons
Wall baskets are a compact way to create a beautiful display
Image: Wall baskets from Suttons
Hanging baskets come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Here are some of the most popular types:

Lined hanging baskets – one of the most popular and traditional options, these simple metal cages need to be lined with coir, moss or plastic. They come in different styles and colours, including highly decorative versions. Lined baskets dry out slightly quicker than plastic, so be sure to add water storing granules to your mix.
Black hanging baskets – these large, plain, plastic baskets have wide tops which make them simple to plant and they retain water well. Supplied with four support chains rather than the usual three, they’re a strong option for heavier displays.
Bloom around baskets – these plastic baskets retain water well and have special ‘gates’ in the sides to allow you to plant all the way around, as well as in the top.
Wall baskets – attaching directly to a house or a shed wall, rather than being suspended from a bracket, these are a good choice for a windy or exposed area as they’re very strong and don’t move about.
Greenville hanging baskets – contemporary, sleek and stylish, these hanging baskets are designed to be seen, and look just as good indoors and out. With a built-in drip tray, they keep your floors dry and your soil moist. Available in white and anthracite.
Corsica easy hang planters – these colourful, moulded pots are designed specifically to hook over balcony railings without brackets or permanent fixtures, perfect for quick and easy displays. Ideal for crops like strawberries, just move them into a prominent position during fruiting.