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Gabion Ideas To Improve Your Outdoor Space

You’ve seen them along highways and probably never received much attention because gabion cages were primarily used for civil projects such as large retention systems, gravity walls, flood and waterway protection, and erosion control. Read on for the latest gabion designs and ideas.

Recently, gabions have found their way into landscaping, urban parks and green areas, ornamental walls and related garden products. Urban Kubez architectural gabions are high quality welded wire mesh structures that provide improved strength and aesthetic form compared to traditional woven wire gabion cages.

The endless size and material configuration of Urban Kubez architectural gabions offers consumers the largest selection of gabion kits available in the Australian market, with ease of installation, functionality, visual appeal and long-lasting durability.

Our welded gabions offer important benefits such as drainage, erosion control and soil stabilization.Urban Kubez gabion cage designs and concepts can be individual elements or megastructures along a highway. With their modular installation system there are no limits.